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Things to Stop Doing During Hard Times

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It is no doubt that times can get pretty rough. But how you handle it can make a big difference in how quickly things start looking up again.

Stop Procrastinating

When times get hard, it can be so tempting to procrastinate. You lose your motivation and can easily sink into a rut of procrastination that can go on for weeks. Don’t do it! Pick yourself up and get that stuff done! As the saying goes, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? You will feel a sense of accomplishment, which is empowering in it’s own way.

Don’t Withdraw

It is natural to want to withdraw from friends and family when times are hard. You don’t want to see anybody and you definitely don’t want to explain what is going on. But stop that! It’s okay to call a friend and lean on them. Reach out to those who love you and have a night on the town, or offer to host a potluck. Surrounding yourself with positive people that care about you can really help get you through this difficult situation that you’re in.

Don’t Pig Out

This is crucial! Stop pigging out on junk food when you’re in a tough spot. It only makes you feel more like crap. No matter what your situation is, reaching for the junk is not worth it. Grab for some water, some fruit, a salad, or a smoothie instead. Fruit is especially good at lifting your spirits and warding off negativity. Be sure to get in a lot of carbohydrates, as your brain needs the glucose that they become for fuel.

Stop Sitting Around

Going for a walk can help you clear your head, so you can tackle things efficiently. Alternatively, sitting around and mulling over these hard times is going to have you feeling down in no time. Get some fresh air, some sunshine, and some exercise. You will have better concentration and getting out in nature can especially leave you feeling centered.

Stop Micromanaging

When life is out of control, many people hold tightly to the small things that they can control. This can lead to micromanaging, which becomes stressful for all parties involved. Now is the time to choose your battles carefully and let go of the things that do not make a difference in the long run. Instead, realize that there are bigger issues to work on and though you might not be able to control those issues, you can focus on taking steps to making it better for yourself. Go ahead and make a list or a tentative plan, but know that not everything is going to happen exactly how you want it to. Let it go.

Everybody goes through difficult times once in a while. Know that you are not alone, and it will get better. These steps will you keep moving forward.

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