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Reducing Stress With Minimalism In 6 Steps


One of the simplest ways to clear your mind is to clear your space. Taking a minimalist approach can bring you peace and increase your productivity. When you live in a cluttered space it is easy to become overwhelmed and lost in a stressed out rut. Not sure where to start? Read on for some ideas.

Take It Slow

While you might want to jump in and get on that decluttering business, you will want to take your time and really think about what you need versus what brings you joy and what is no longer useful. This is a process, and does not happen over night. We humans are sentimental beings and easily develop poor routines. Changing this is going to take some work.

Clear the Floor

Leaving stuff on the floor is a quick way to mess up the space around you and bring distractions into your mind. Keeping a clear floor space is important. Start by taking anything that doesn’t belong and placing it all in a bin that you can move easily. Then as you walk from room to room, place the objects from the bin where they belong. If you still have things left in the bin without a place, consider donating or tossing them.


Desks and dressers, end tables and counters all collect clutter. You will want to keep these surfaces as clear as you can, as they really draw attention as soon as you walk into a room. Once you clean up those surfaces you might even find that you don’t need some of the tables or furnishings that were collecting items.

Evaluate Your Furnishings

If you have cleaned up and organized your personal items and find that a piece of furniture is no longer serving you, be gone with it! There is no real reason to hold onto that which we are no longer using productively. Keep only functional pieces of furniture and look for furnishings that have clean lines and create an open space.


Now that your furnishings are all turned up on end and you have new pieces to enjoy, it is a great time to go through the contents hidden inside. Pull out the drawers and sort through paperwork, take stock of what is in your closet and donate clothing that you haven’t worn in a year. Yes, even the clothes that might fit again “someday” need to go!

Don’t Consume

You have a nice clean, clutter free space now but will it stay that way? The trick here is to not consume what you do not need. Be a smart consumer! You can either buy new, quality items that will last a lifetime, or you can buy “recycled” items only as needed. Avoid going sale shopping just to think you’re saving a few dollars when you’re really spending money on items that are going to contribute to the clutter. A good rule is for every item you bring in, two have to leave.

Breathe easy in your minimalist environment and put your new found level of focus to good use.

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