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How to Handle Difficult Coworkers

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Everyone has them, coworkers that are miserable, or judgemental, or just think they are king (or queen) of the workplace. How do you get through a work day when somebody is breathing down your neck watching your every move, making snide remarks or won’t cooperate?

It starts with your own attitude. You first have to realize that you can not control their actions through any kind of manipulation or snide remarks of your own. However, you can control your own actions and reactions. Remind yourself that you do not know where they are coming from, if things are not good in their home life, or if they just have a bad attitude. Their attitude is not your problem. Staying in a positive frame of mind and accepting the fact that they are who they are, where they are at in life right now, can really make your day go easier.

For those coworkers that invade your personal space, it is important to set firm boundaries. Let them know that you are finding it difficult to concentrate on your work and you need more room to accomplish your tasks. Try not to make it about them, or you will meet resistance in the form of verbal self defence and a counter attack. If they still will not back off you may need to visit your boss or management and file a complaint. Do not be afraid to put your needs first.

When a co-worker is being uncooperative, try meeting them half way. There is usually a way to compromise in any situation but sometimes it takes a little creativity. A good way to start is by asking your co-worker some questions, such as why they want to do things a certain way or how you can help them succeed or make it easier for them. Then you can take that information, add in your own ideas, and come to a middle ground.

When your coworkers are struggling and you bring in your shining light and confident success, eventually they will follow. This is why you need to lead by example. What you bring into your work environment is contagious. Compliment others on their personal success and bring kindness to your work place. Understanding and compassion is often a great way to motivate people.

In any work environment, it is important to take care of yourself. Make sure that you balance healthy eating, sleep and daily exercise so that you can tackle your job and coworkers with a clear head. Taking care of your needs outside of work will leave you feeling better about yourself mentally and better able to manage whatever a co-worker throws at you.

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