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Developing Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Healthy diet

When you think about your priorities, is health one of them? Having a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, including greater success both in the work force and in relationships, as well as keeping depression and illness at bay.

Developing healthy habits does not have to be running marathons and living on seeds but there are small changes you can incorporate into your current lifestyle that will make a significant difference.


While the information is clear that what we put into our bodies affects what comes out in terms of productivity, our attitudes and yes the bathroom; most people do not stop to fully consider this. Starting your day with a glass of water first thing in the morning can help flush out toxins and aid digestion, readying your system to metabolize the food that you put into it. Hydration is important and adding a squeeze from a lemon can make the water taste more appealing and further help to flush out your system.

Once you’re ready for your first meal of the day, reach for fruit! If you are limited on time, fruit is a great fast food option. Most fruit comes in its own neat package already. Another way to get in more fruit is to make smoothies using all of your favourites. Try to bring in leafy greens to your smoothie or through out the day in salads and side dishes. The more whole, unprocessed plant foods you consume the more you will see an increase in energy levels and overall happiness. Avoid processed food as much as possible as this will drag down your system by filling up your gut with difficult to move sludge.


This does not have to be strenuous! Daily exercise can involve an easy walk through your neighbourhood or an intense gym work out. Any movement of our bodies causes oxygen and blood to move more efficiently, making your entire system more productive as nutrients are powered to our muscles and our lungs fill up with oxygen. Work your heart (the most important muscle) every day with light cardio. The easiest way to incorporate exercise is to make it fun. Find a physical activity you enjoy and do it daily. This can be a recreational team or activity such as tennis with a friend, taking a hike or bike ride, dancing around the house naked or swimming in your neighbour’s pool.


An often overlooked component of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. There is a fine balance in life between diet, exercise and rest and many people are missing out. With often ten hour work days, families, a social life and keeping up with the Joneses, sleep tends to get shuffled to the back of the line. However without enough sleep, your productivity will be low, you will not have the energy to exercise nor the motivation to eat healthy. Never underestimate the importance of a good rest and down time. Setting up a bed time routine to be followed on a nightly basis can help you unwind from a difficult day and help carry you into a blissful dreamland.

The easiest way to improve your health is to start small, and slowly work your way up.

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