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5 Ways to Connect with Nature for Peace of Mind


It has been said that we keep plants and animals in our homes as an ancestral need to stay connected with nature. If you’re the nature type, you will know the peaceful meditative state that being outdoors can bring. For those of you that are not, here are some easy ideas to keep the connection.

Decorate With Flowers

Even fake flowers can bring an element of nature into your home by their colourful appearance, but real flowers work best. Try to bring in flowers or other plants and greenery to hang in well lit corners or in your window. If you have a home office, it is important to bring an element of nature to the work space. Aim for plants that can clean the air well and produce more oxygen to keep a clear mind while you work.


You don’t have to be an animal person to have animal companionship. If you are not into adopting a dog, cat or other small mammal consider looking for some fish to adopt or a low maintenance cold blooded creature. Setting up a fish tank can be very relaxing in your home as the sounds and appearance of water and watching the fish swim release happy chemicals in your brain. If you do not support the animal trade and pet stores, looking for fish that somebody was otherwise going to dump illegally in a river might be the way to go. Failing that, contact your local animal shelter and offer to volunteer on a regular basis.

Install a Water Feature

Maybe a fish tank isn’t for you either, but you still want to bring in some form of nature. Try installing a water feature such as a bubbling lamp or a table top waterfall. The sounds of the water are soothing to your soul and will help you sleep, making for a better mood the next day.

Grow Some Food

This does not have to be an extensive out door garden, with dirt and worms or all sorts of creepy crawlies. You can grow some lovely fresh herbs on your counter to use in cooking or go all out and grow tomatoes in a pot on your patio. It will feel good knowing that your food was as locally grown as it can be, giving you a deeper connection to what you put into your body and bringing that touch of nature into your home space.

Let The Light Shine In

In an age of everything artificial, it is common fact that people are experiencing more headaches from artificial lighting. Go against the grain and open up the curtains, crank open the windows and let that natural air and sunshine in. If you have the ability to add a skylight it can really brighten a room up on those sunny days. It is also a fun way to watch the rain during a storm. Solar energy is worth taking into consideration as well. Even staring at your computer screen for too long can cause mental fog, but solar energy is cleaner and better for the environment. Using a natural energy source is just a small way to keep that connection going.

After all, we are natural beings made of organic matter living in an unnatural world.

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