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5 Benefits of Meditation

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In some areas, meditation is daily practice; even a lifestyle. For a few others it is seen as a trend. And to many more, the benefits of meditation are a mystery.

Quiets the Mind

The most noted benefit of meditation are that it quiets the anxious mind. The work environment, family environment, and even the social environment are very stimulating and easily become overwhelming. Taking time to meditate regularly can help put those feelings of overwhelm into perspective and calm the anxiety that comes with daily life.

Develops Patience

Meditation can help you develop a stronger reserve of patience as you sit quietly and concentrate on clearing your mind and listening to your body. It takes time and effort as well as focus to tune out the world and become silent and introspective. Patience is a developed skill and meditation is a great way to exercise that skill and stretch your limits.

Reduces Impulsive Decisions

In the age of technology, over spending, drama and chaos it is easy to make impulsive decisions and regret them later. However, when you meditate regularly you begin to see patterns within yourself, including patterns of making rash decisions. Meditating allows you to take a step back and truly consider the decision before it is made, and gives you time to examine all of your options.

Promotes Positive Thinking

When your mind is calm and you are still, it is easier to put negative thoughts and feelings into perspective. This allows you to see the positive and in time let go of the negative reactions. Along the same line, meditation when done properly releases hormones such as serotonin and melatonin. This is because when you are in a state of peace, you stop producing stress hormones which allows for the positive “happy hormones” to release. We can withdraw from the outside world and see our situation in a more realistic view.


If you are normally one to have a difficult time shutting your mind down to get to sleep, or you have a restless body that keeps you awake, meditation can help. While you sit there and pull yourself slowly from the world around you, to a pleasant silence within you, your entire being relaxes. Start by listening to noises outside of your meditation or sleep area. Slowly begin to bring your focus inward, listening then to the noises inside your meditation space, then within your body. This becomes easier with practice and will help your body and mind to relax. This will lead to a deeper, more fulfilling state of sleep and in turn you will feel refreshed by the morning.

Meditation affects your overall health, physical and mental well being and will surely benefit the lives of all who try it.

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